SD Data Manager and GDPR control

Validate and enforce rules on the data entered into your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database by creating user-definable Rules without needing to write any code. Also meet your GDPR requirements with the ability to log requests, respond on data held, encrypt fields and redact information.

SD Link Box

Drag and Drop files into NAV to link to any record. Version control any changes to these files and add template files to auto create and link to any new records

SD Profiler

Store, publish, and capture large amounts of variable data, and link to specific Microsoft Dynamics NAV records, without the need to write code or to add large amounts of fields to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV tables.

SD Bulk Mailer

Automated emailing of your business documents to assigned contacts. Also allow multiple attachments with flexible scheduling options.

SD Communicator

Automated integration from Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Exchange on Premise or hosted Online. Synchronise your Contacts, Emails and Calendar events. Add events to link emails to customer, contacts, opportunities, sales etc. based on user definable rules.

SD Document Pack

20 Plus Key Dynamics NAV documents. Built to present a professional and consistent Company Image. Control your colour schemes, header and footer information and add barcodes all from your setup screen with no need to code.

SD EDI Manager

Automatically handle Electronic Message formats for documents in EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, XML or CSV Formats. Communicate through multiple Value Added Networks or direct peer to peer and setup individual message formats per Trading Partner and Message or document type.

SD Case Manager

SD Case Manager offers a highly flexible means of logging and tracking issues as cases with individual configurable case queues and workflows.

SD Credit Controller

Enhance your Accounts Receivable Debt Collection and credit control with full event logging, automation for internal tasks and external reminders and KPI's to highlight performance by credit controller and or customer

SD CRM Manager

Customer Relationship Management simplified to the key tasks of manage a contact, manage an opportunity and log an interaction. Also optimised for both web browser and Mobile device use.

SD Maintenance Manager

SD Maintenance Manager allows you track asset break downs, repairs, spare parts and plan both scheduled and preventative maintenance tasks. All from a dedicated new role center in Dynamics NAV.

SD Stores Handheld

Android based Dynamics NAV utility to handle all your warehouse movements from your handheld devices connecting real time to Dynamics NAV.

SD Stores Logistics

Drag and drop your sales and transfer orders to a Dynamics embedded MAP. Control Load weights, drops and when ready generate a full load manifest. All from your Dynamics NAV logistics planning screen.

SD Stores Manager

Optimise your warehouse Picking, Shipping and Intake process. Designed for Touch screen and Tethered scanner SD Stores Manager is fast and low cost to deploy.

SD Care

Define and manage plans and support events in care profession

SD Food and Beverage

Record Long Term Agreements, implement multi-group pricing and easily control catch weights and expiry dates.

SD Courier Interface

Automatically book a courier against your shipment direct from your Dynamics NAV client. Labels and parcel tracking codes are also automatically returned into the linked Dynamics NAV record.

SD Payment Gateway

Credit Card Payment Gateway interface to process one off and recurring collections direct from Dynamics NAV. Currently released interfaces are for REALEX, ELAVON and WORLDPAY

SA Sana eCommerce

Integrate B2B eCommerce portal

Magento Connector
TX Magento Connector

Integrate Magento eCommerce