Electronic Documents for Microsoft Dynamics

SD Bulk Mailer

SD Bulk Mailer

Automated emailing of your business documents to assigned contacts. Also allow multiple attachments with flexible scheduling options.

SD EDI Manager

SD EDI Manager

Automatically handle electronic message formats for documents in EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, XML or CSV Formats. Communicate through multiple value added networks or direct peer to peer and setup individual message formats per trading partner and message or document type.

SD Link Box

SD Linkbox

Drag and drop files into Microsoft Dynamics NAV to link to any record. Version control any changes to these files and add default template files to auto create and link to any new records. Security control Read, Modify and Delete by Dynamics NAV User ID.

SD Communicator

Automated integration from Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Exchange on-premise or hosted online. Synchronise your contacts, emails and calendar events. Add events to link emails to customer, contacts, opportunities, sales etc. based on user definable rules.

SD Document Pack

20 Plus Key Dynamics NAV documents. Built to present a professional and consistent company image. Control your colour schemes, header and footer information and add barcodes all from your setup screen with no need to code.