Utilities for Microsoft Dynamics

SD Data Manager and GDPR

SD Data Manager and GDPR Control

Enforce good data by applying rules to any field on any table in Dynamics NAV. Makes fields mandatory, conditional based on another field or test that the data meets requirements. All with no code changes needed. Support General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allowing you log requests and action responses to Access, Rectification, Portability, Erasure, Restrict and Encrypt.

SD Link Box

SD Linkbox

Drag and drop files into Microsoft Dynamics NAV to link to any record. Version control any changes to these files and add default template files to auto create and link to any new records. Security control Read, Modify and Delete by Dynamics NAV User ID.

SD Profiler

Store, publish, and capture large amounts of variable data, and link to specific Microsoft Dynamics NAV records, without the need to write code or to add large amounts of fields to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV tables.